Childcare Options

Childcare Options

East Midlands Nannies and Maternity are committed to providing the best possible childcare for you and your family. We specialise in the following types of childcare:

  • Nanny
  • Nanny/Housekeeper
  • Maternity Nurse/nanny
  • Night/day Maternity Nanny
  • Junior Nanny

We maintain a high number of professional childcarers with varying levels of skills, qualifications, and expertise to provide professional childcare services throughout the East Midlands and beyond.

You’re a parent who demands the best care and top-quality professional child carers for your children. You want the peace of mind that is enjoyed by the many parents who use East Midlands Nannies. With us; you know that your child is in safe hands. For extra peace of mind and security, our nannies are DBS checked reference checked, and interviewed.


A Nanny is a professional, qualified and experienced childcarer with the experience and skills to provide, a safe, loving and stimulating environment for your child. A nanny should have a DBS certificate and a paediatric first aid certificate. We are delighted to have reduced our fees for finding a nanny to a one off fee of £545.

The Role of a Nanny

A Nanny is responsible for feeding, washing, clothing, educating and stimulating children. The Nanny should also plan activities that enhance learning and development. Nannies are not responsible for general housework or chores, although they should clear up after the children and themselves.

Nanny Hours

With the change towards flexible working hours, many parents are now looking for part-time nannies. The option is now available to employ a nanny on a part-time basis, as a nanny will sometimes work for more than one family. An average day for a nanny is 8am to 6pm, although some nannies do work a 12-hour day. Nannies can be provided on a live in or out basis, temporary or permanent.

Cost Considerations

As the Nanny’s employer, you are responsible for employer’s national insurance on top of the gross amount your Nanny takes home. Please call us to discuss costs in more detail.

Nanny Qualifications

A nanny is a professional, especially trained in childcare. A nanny usually holds one or more of the following qualifications: NNEB, BTEC, NVQ3, City & Guilds, Early Childhood Studies degree.

We also offer Nannies without formal qualifications, but who have a wide range of experience with children, and have worked in the childcare sector for several years.

Nanny / Housekeeper

A Nanny / Housekeeper is an experienced individual who also has good cooking and home management skills plus the flexibility to manage the home and housekeeping – this role usually works best with children of school age. Their duties include all family washing and ironing, running errands, grocery shopping, changing bed linen, cleaning and generally running the home in the parent’s absence.

Nanny / Housekeeper Hours

A Nanny/Housekeeper would typically work either part/full time – often taking care of the household duties prior to collecting the children from school and then carrying out a more child focused role during the school holidays.

Junior nanny– a second pair of hands for a busy parent!

This is a position generally filled by someone training or newly qualified with little or perhaps no previous experience of sole charge care of children in the home. It is a position that, for many, is a ‘stepping stone’ to become an experienced sole charge nanny. A junior nanny cannot be expected to take full responsibility or have sole charge of the children until they have gained more experience, and their duties are to assist with the day-to-day childcare and housekeeping duties.

Maternity Nurses and Night/Day Maternity Nannies

Maternity nurses/nannies are dedicated to giving help and advice to a mother during the first few weeks following the birth of a new baby.

Maternity Nurses are ideal for first time parents, as they are able to help establish a routine with feeding and sleeping, and generally offering gentle guidance at a very special, but often daunting time.

A Maternity Nurse will give as little or as much hands on help as you need. Many Maternity Nurses offer 24-hour live-in help, and will be happy to take over some night-time feeds, giving parents a well deserved rest.

A Night Nanny will usually arrive at 9pm and leave at 7am, however these hours can be flexible to suit the family’s requirements. They will not only care for your baby but will also assist you in trying to guide your baby to sleep throughout the night.

Parents can enjoy a period of unbroken sleep without the worry of getting up to feed a baby, settle a child or change a nappy.

For all the above childcare options we can offer you a full time, part time or temporary assignment. Whether your needs are urgent or not we will strive to put forward the best applicants to suit your family’s needs.

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