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Au Pair Costs

Au Pair Costs

As an au pair is not employed by you as a member of staff, they do not get paid a wage.  Instead, they are paid an agreed amount of ‘pocket money’ based on the hours they work per week.  In most cases, the au pair does not pay tax, as their earnings do not reach the tax threshold. For au pairs we suggest the minimum pocket money allowances as follows:

  • £80 minimum for up to 25 hours per week
  • £95 minimum for up to 30 hours per week 

Optionally, some families choose to provide additional benefits, such as financial help with language tuition/personal use of a car, gym membership, bus pass etc.

Additional pocket money should be given for any additional hours or evening babysitting at a rate of £4 per hour.

For a Foreign Mothers Help, the money offered is higher to cover the increased amount of hours worked, the greater responsibility around the home, sole charge of under 2’s (if required) and the fact they are generally more mature and independent. They are also likely to need to pay tax if they are over the threshold. We suggest the minimum pocket money allowance as follows :

  • £175 minimum for in the region of 40 – 45 hours per week


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