The Interview Process and Next Steps

The Interview Process and Next Steps

The Interview Process

The interview is a two way process for you and the prospective maternity nurse to exchange information and see if you work together. Throughout the interview remind yourself that you will have to work closely with them. Your first impressions are very important, so don’t ignore your instincts.

Due to the nature of their work it can at times be difficult for a maternity nurse/nanny to attend interviews. In this instance we would suggest a telephone / Zoom / Skype / FaceTime interview, followed by a meeting at a time convenient to both parties. If the nurse is required to travel to an interview from another town or city they may ask to have their interview expenses reimbursed. This will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the interview taking place

Before the Interview

Employing a maternity nurse is a very personal thing and needs to be the correct combination of support and experience to complement your needs. There are a number of things you will have to think about before you start interviewing. These will include:

  • Thinking of questions to ask and the type of nurse you would like
  • Key qualities you are looking for.
  • Whether you require them to take certain days off, travel with you or carry out extra duties

Structuring the Interview

A good structured interview helps you find the best maternity nurse for you. You should think about:

  • Explaining your needs and expectations
  • Finding out the maternity nurse‚Äôs views
  • Allowing an opportunity for the nurse to ask questions.
  • Showing them around the accommodation (if applicable).

Sample Interview Questions

Please ask us and we can provide you with a list of interview questions.

Before Booking

Think carefully as to whether the person is right for your family. Having a new baby is a very special time for a family and the right maternity nanny will only add to the overall experience. Consider the following:

  • Did you feel comfortable them, their approach, answers to your questions and their overall level of experience?
  • Do you agree on all the issues that are important to you and feel comfortable communicating with them?

The Booking

  • Once you have found a suitable maternity nurse/nanny night nanny, you should offer them the position as soon as possible since they may be attending other interviews & may get booked quickly.
  • You will confirm the rate of pay and length of time you require the Maternity nurse and this will form a contract, which your maternity nanny will provide.

Maternity nannies are self-employed and are paid a gross salary so they are responsible for their tax and national insurance.

The agency introduction fee is separate to the salary. The introduction of a candidate to a client by East Midlands Nannies and Maternity is confidential and a full fee will be charged for any nurse engaged as a result of an introduction by East Midlands Nannies and Maternity, even if the introduction is made indirectly.